Audit Consultation

Professional consultation provided to audit firms on the following matters:

  • Assisting clients to improve the quality of services offered to their customers, focusing on International Standards on Auditing (ISAs) and the requirements under International Standard on Quality Control 1(ISQC 1) 
  • Assistance with the set-up of customised audit programmes based on needs and portfolio of clients
  • Assistance with the set -up of Client Acceptance Policy which is closely linked to the Company’s AML procedures 
  • Assistance with the set-up of Client Acceptance templates for new clients accepted and for ongoing client engagements requiring updates; as well as set-up of Continuance templates for existing clients
  • On-going support and consultation on compliance with ISAs and audit methodology through on-site trainings provided to staff of service providing firms; Simulated audit client projects are prepared in advance for such seminars, tailored to the needs of each audit team/firm  
  • Providing independent second reviews/quality reviews of audit files which include more complex audit related matters and consulting clients on audit approach and methodology requirements based on ISAs

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    Our Services
    GDPR Consultation.

    We deliver regulatory compliance services tailored to the needs of your company when faced with GDPR Compliance Challenges. Our approach to promoting compliance excellence is achieved through the diverse experience and knowledge of our trusted and dedicated compliance professionals and our team of experts on information technology.

    HNWIs & Family Offices.

    We provide specialised “boutique” advisory services for HNWI and Family Offices on establishing their activities and assist with implementing information and investment management systems.

    Business Development.

    We are good listeners and will apply our deep and diversified knowledge to help you develop and grow your business. We can assist you in the start-up stages to set up your office and your management systems.

    Corporate Services.

    Whether you are a start-up or an established entity, we can assist you to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs by externalising non-core business functions - setting up new legal entities, administration of bank accounts and other internal activities.

    AML Consultation.

    We offer AML consultation starting with the set-up of your manual and the firm’s internal policies and procedures and moving on to install in place the key pillars for a strong internal AML program - which is both cost effective and smart , tailored to your KYC and Client Risk Assessment process.

    Audit Consultation.

    We offer consultation services to assist audit firms with their quality control procedures – ISQC1. We also offer guidance with audit methodology based on International Auditing Standards. We can undertake second/quality reviews for complex audit engagements and offer in-house tailored training to meet your needs.


    We offer in-house tailored training solutions across the three major new IFRSs applicable for 2018 and 2019. Suitable for auditors or preparers, we can help prepare your people with an understanding of the fundamental principles they need to know as they get ready for implementation. We can also provide an expert resource for application questions as they arise.

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